Seminar Topics For CSE

by admin on August 23, 2013

Seminar ProjectsComputer Science Engineering is a large field of study that involves hardware, computation and information processing. Its huge application has contributed to its rapid growth, research and interest. Covering all topics in computer science for seminars is indeed a tough task. There are several seminar topics for CSE, especially for those with keen interest in computer programming and computer science engineering. The benefit of preparing CSE seminars is that it helps students to learn many things including animations. Also, they get to learn ways to design a simple program.

Some of the latest seminar topics for CSE are briefly discussed in the following paragraphs.

Blackberry Technology

Blackberry is basically an independent communication device designed by a Canadian firm. The blackberry has the capability of performing additional tasks like multi-tasking, chat with multiple networks simultaneously, which majority of mobile phone devices cannot do. The possibility to access your outlook inbox, contacts, calendars and many other tasks was possible due to the end-to-end no wire synchronization. As a result, you get a notification on your blackberry device whenever a new email arrives in your inbox. When the email enters your inbox, a replica will be produced online and sent to your device, which is also known as push email.

3D Internet

3D internet is also known as virtual worlds. It is a strong innovative way for people to reach business clients, consumer, co-workers, students, and partners. It combines the versatile data of the web, the immediacy of TV, and the relationship building potentials of social networking sites such as Facebook. The 3D internet is engaging and interactive inherently unlike the inactive experience of television. Virtual worlds offer immersive experiences of 3D that replicate real life.

Individuals taking part in virtual worlds are online for longer period with an increased level of interest. In order to take full benefit of that interest, many diverse organizations and businesses have claimed a quick stake in this rapidly growing market. Technology leaders like Microsoft, IBM and Cisco, companies like Circuit City, Toyota, BMW and Calvin Klein, and universities like Penn State, Stanford and Harvard are included.

Security in Mobile Database Systems

There’s no denying that without the existence of databases in the present and the past business and governmental institutions, mobile device would have collapsed. Majority of the business and applications processed daily were made possible as the backbone. The sole purpose of databases is to accumulate data for future reference and the files always remain accessible by unlimited users. Even a slightest of problem in database can impact a business drastically. Hence, there is always a requirement of a skilled technician for handling any concerns carefully rather than causing further damages. The feasibility for all businesses to function anytime and anywhere is the prime cause why there is a great requirement for a database, which supports mobile devices too.

These are some of the seminar topics for CSE one must be prepared for. There are other useful seminar topics that have been listed below:

  • Radio Network Controller for 3G
  • Wireless Network Devices
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Digital Watermarking Advantages & Applications
  • And many more

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